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Amarc 10 - 9.25hp

Cary Jet by Garelli

Zundapp Type 304 - 1970s

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Like an old engine, this site will always need some tinkering....

I am an enthusiastic hobbyist for a number of mechanical categories. If it makes a lot of smoke, smells bad, and runs loud, chances are I have one, want one, or at the very least, have a strong opinion about it.

This site focuses on my 3 primary areas of interest: outboard motors, mopeds, and automobiles. However, that doesn't mean there aren't a few other odds & ends floating around my shop.

As you enter the site, you can learn more about my focus in each of these areas, view my collections, and exchange hobby information. I do my best to be helpful and enjoy the exchange of ideas, tips, and stories.

Please note: Oddjob Motors is not a commercial venture - nothing here is for sale so please don't ask!

Take a look at the Tech Tips section. I've tried to document some helpful ideas to get old outboards back on the water - and keep them there!

Make sure you're wearing clothes you don't mind getting greasy and come on in.



A new generation!
We have always been working on something!

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A special thanks to my wife who put this site together and puts up with me and all my junque!

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