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Jawa Map
Manufactured in Prague, Czechoslovakia

Jawa Logo

Model: Babetta X-30
Year: 1979
Engine: 49cc 39 x 41mm two stroke
Transmission: Single speed/chain drive
Ignition: Jawa transistorized breakerless
Tires: 2 ¼” x 16”
Dry Weight: 112lbs (Actual 112lbs)
Fuel Capacity: 1.05 US Gal.
Gas/Oil Mix: 50:1

Equipment: Horn, tools, tire pump, luggage rack


In the 1970’s CZ-Jawa had fairly good market share due to their competitive cost - in many places can be found today at reasonable prices. For whatever reason, I never recall seeing one back in the 70's but remember books and publications mentioning them. They were made up into the late 1980's but, unfortunately, became a victim of the changing economics in Czechoslovakia.

The Jawa Babetta has fair performance and okay reliability based on reports I have received. (The transistorized ignition needs to work, if it doesn't you could be in trouble) Overall it is quite well made, has a nice ride and - despite its originally being less expensive than other mopeds at the time - a quality feel. Handling and braking are good, I'd like it to have a bit more zip, but it is about average for a 50cc moped. I find the bike's high handlebars and seating position to be very comfortable. The styling in photographs doesn't look great but in person it is not bad - the angular lines (and cooling fins!) look interesting and unique.

Other than the aforementioned ignition, it is easy to take apart and repair or service. Many parts are common to other mopeds but Jawa unique parts such as side covers, ignition components, etc.. are becoming difficult to find.

Overall; a good value and nice ride!

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