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1961(?) Harley Davidson Topper Scooter

While not exactly a moped... One of my mom's signature blurry photos. Here is my brother and I in about 1976 with a Harley Topper motor scooter I purchased at a yard sale for $20. I think this rig is the most dangerous vehicle I ever owned. The size of a lawn tractor, (but on two wheels), it had terrible balance and weighed in at a couple hundred pounds, however, it had enough horsepower to do 100 mph!

It started with an outboard style pull start on the running board between your legs. The engine was a massive aircooled job that has an amazing resemblance to Harley's golf cart engine (yes, they made golf carts - probably the best ones ever!) Of course the drive was by belt, a humongous unit hooked to a variator - take that Motobecane!

I can't express how horrible this vehicle was and dangerous! It came to me with several dents in the front fender and knee guard, as well as smashed fiberglass on the engine box/rear - all attesting to several accidents. It didn't take long to scare the dickens out of me so I put it up for sale in the Bargain News. After several weeks it became evident that I wasn't getting my $20 back, I think I ended up giving it to our local mechanic in trade for an outboard.

A closeup of the Topper
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