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Outboard Jet 200

Very unusual is how we classify the Outboard Jet 200. From Peter Hunn's OLD OUTBOARD BOOK I learned that it was made in Indianapolis Indiana and the company dissapeared not long afterwards. Outboard Jet (OJ) motors are different from other jet outboards because the jet thrust exits the outboard above the waterline, about at the height of the transom. Starting in the early 1960's, the first OJ motors used a Tecumseh air cooled powerhead. These sold well enough for OJ to totally redesign the motors including an all-new proprietary powerhead.

Looking like a hideously mutated OMC 9.5, the motor seen here was the second and improved model offered by OJ and was only available for a few years. The OJ unique powerhead is an alternate firing twin 2-stroke, loop charged and water cooled. Cooling water is diverted from the jet wash and we are told can be problematic at low RPM's. The magneto and pull start look to be the same as the West Bend/Chrysler outboards of the early 1960's. The carburetor also looks to be the same as the one used on my Chrysler Sno Runner. Apart from these items, the rest of the motor appears to be 100% from Outboard Jet, even the transom clamps!

Today with the millions of jet skis that are sold each year, Outboard Jet was way, way, ahead of its time!

1967 Outboard Jet 200 - 9.5hp

Year & Model: 1967 Outboard Jet 200 9.5hp
Horsepower: 9.5 @ ? rpm

Stroke: 1.0625
Point Gap:.020
Cooling: Water diverting jet wash
Condition: 100% Unrestored
Retail price when new: $369.50
Weight: 62 lbs.
Oil/Gas Mix: ? (2-stroke)
Spark Plug: ? (It had J-7J plugs in it)

The one review I was able to locate in Peter Hunn's BEAUTIFUL OUTBOARDS says this motor compares in speed and power to a Johnson TD/TN.

Water enters in the bottom front and exits the nozzle under the back handle.

Outboard Jet 200 File Library

Here are a couple of brochures and letters I found on the OJ that tell something of the story behind the company. You will need to have an Adobe pdf viewer to view them. (This is a free program you can download from the web if you don't have it)

OJ-200 Brochure

Outboard Jet Dealer's Letter

Outboard Jet Company Write-up in the September 10th 1964 Indianapolis Star Newspaper

OJ-J55-B Brochure (thought I'd include it in case you have one)

If you have additional items to share on the OJ-200 please contact me and I'll include them here.

Some additional photos of this oddball!

Outboard Jet unique powerhead
Jet nozzle - this swivels to deflect the thrust for forward, neutral and even reverse!
The Outboard Jet logo is curiously similar to THE INCREDIBLES logo in the 2005 Disney movie of the same name!
Cute plastic script on the starboard side. You can also see the rough sand casting found on the pan & leg.
Interesting dashboard - button on left stops the motor, choke is on right. Scott Atwater pull start knob appears incorrect. Small panel under the pull start can be removed by a thumb screw to adjust the carb settings. Appears to use a Mercury fuel connector.

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