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Thank you for coming to my page. You're going to see my boat called the Pie Rat sailing, and some of my outboard motor collection. You will even see a picture of my 2 trophy winning/Antique Outboarder magazine cover motor, a Mercury Mark 10A.

The Pie Rat is a 10 foot long boat called a Dyer. Since it is 10 feet long, it is a Dyer Dink. It can hold a 4 hp outboard, be a sailboat, or be a rowboat.

My boat is named after my favorite book as a kid, Pie Rats Ahoy by Richard Scarry.

pie rat sailing
Sailing Pie Rat
Motoring the old Oddjob

I'm very good at rowing. Here I am taking my grandmother out for a row in her boat, Googie. When you like old outboards like me, it's good to know how to row!

rowing mudre

Here I am a while ago with some of my Mercury outboards. (1973 4.0 and 1966 3.9)

mercury man


And HERE is my award winning Merc (A 1959 Mark 10-A 10hp). It won at the 2004 AOMCI East Sidney Dam NY/Knucklebuster Chapter Meet. It also won during the 2008 Yankee Chapter meet in Shelton Ct for 1955-1959 Original Condition - the theme of the meet that year was Mercury outboards.

award winning mercury

At home, running a nice Johnson in the test tank. (1963 with '65 tank, Johnson JW 3hp) It's a weedless drive. it ended up in an exchange for a favorite, my 1952 Martin "20".


Here is a picture of my 1957 Scott-Atwater 7.5 hp with Bail-a-Matic and the original gas tank. It is a "space age" outboard. It was one of the strangest outboards I've had. My dad gave it to me as a present on my 6th birthday. He has come to think it is one the worst outboard he ever saw after fixing the waterpump - but I sort of like it.

Here is one of my former finds, a 1946 Fireston 3.5hp. This was the first motor I completly disassembled and reassembled myself! It ran great and was a lot of fun to work on.

To see more of my motors vistit the Pie Rat Motors motors page at the following link.


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