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My Subaru Project

Herewith below is a chronicle of the restoration of our 1969 Subaru 360. To learn more about the car click on this link: History of our 1969 Subaru 360

To learn about our Special Tools for the 360 click on this link: Subaru Specialty Tools Inventory

If you have, want or would like to learn about Subaru 360's you need to visit the Subaru 360 Drivers Club

My 1969 Subaru 360 Restoration Project 6/19/04.

subaru on blocks june 19


Engine: Re-built and re-installed. Runs great and smokes like a fiend!

Brakes: Being built now. Need to install master cylinder.

front right brake

Body: In process of getting paint so the left front fender, currently red-primer colored will match-up. Car will be re-painted once it has a few miles on it and no major mechanical works appears needed in the immediate future.

Tires: Yes, needs 4 of them. Rims need paint.

Rear-Window: Being installed.

Today, June 19th is (was supposed to be) rear windshield day. I got myself a big piece of Lexan II, traced a template, and cut it with my jigsaw. I used a generous amount of Lacquer Thinner to clean the rubber gasket both inside and out, and then set out fitting the lexan. I had purposely cut it a touch larger than the template based on the theory you can cut more, but you can't add on. I came within a fraction of a great fit, but decided I needed to take a touch more off. It was not a successful operation. Such a small amount needed to be shaved off, I failed to tape it up, and sure enough...it shattered. I'll make another trek down to the plastic store and for 20 bucks, will try again in a few days. At least I still have the template.

making the templateinitial fit of rear window



Having recovered from last night's windshield difficulties, I decided to get some work done to the brakes. It's always great to use one of my Subaru Special Tools. Here, you can see I got to use 2 for the job...921230000 for the adjustment of front & rear brake lining, and 921180 for the installation of the rear brake drum & hub . Nothing beats having the right tool for the job!

brake tool 1 brake tool

youngest assitant

Above is my youngest assistant. He's a bit sloppy, but he works cheap.


WE HAVE BRAKES! Here I am taking the Subaru for spin in my backyard. Runs like a champ! Note the plume of smoke. Now, it's all body work.


Rear window sucessfully installed! The Subaru Special Tool #921280000 was very handy in installing the locking strip. It was quite possibly the best special tool so far. Here I am proudly applying the Subaru 360 Drivers Club sticker on the newly installed rear window.


More about our 360 at: History of our 1968 Subaru 360

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