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1977 Puch Maxi 2hp
1978 Motobecane 50-V

Please note: Oddjob Motors is not a commercial venture - nothing here is for sale so please don't ask! I'm also not really interested in aquiring any additional mopeds at this time.

My interest in mopeds started in 1977 with a 1962 Suzuki 50 a friend and I purchased (in a box, disassembled ) for $25. After a number of real junkers in the 1970's I found a Puch Newport in the basement of my college dorm and rebuilt in my room.

My interest hit really hard in 1995 - that's the year I got married and honeymooned in Bermuda, the moped capital of the western world. Mopeds were our primary means of getting around and my wife was taken with them, so for our second anniversary, I bought her a beautiful 1961 Wards Riverside moped. She had a lot of fun with it, and I was even able to locate some really neat original aftermarket parts to really spiff it up.

Then decided to get myself a moped so I could ride with her, and then our friend wanted to ride with us, and then we needed a good moped for commuting to the train station, and then...well, you get the picture. Before you know it, it's a collection!

We are fortunate that to ride/own a moped our state does not require registration, insurance or anything other than being 16 (got it) and eye protection. At one time several moped importers were headquartered in this state, their lobbying in the 70's is probably why we have such lienent laws regarding mopeds!

If you are interested in mopeds or are trying to get information on a specific brand beyond what is presented here, the best source I know if is the Moped Army - Photo Archive

Happy mopedeling!

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Bike Bug
Wards Riverside

Other Stuff
 Harley Topper

My beautiful first moped

My first moped 1977 Puch Newport with reflector whitewall tires - wish I still had it!

First nice spring day - Let's go mopedeling!


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