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Wards Riverside by Benelli

Manufactured in Italy

Model: Ward's Riverside 150-P Mo-Ped (by Benelli)
Year: 1961
Horse Power: 1.5 (est) 49cc
Transmission: Single speed - wet clutch
Ignition: Marelli magneto
Tires: 2 1/4” x 18”
Dry Weight: 110 lbs
Fuel Capacity: 1 US Gal.
Gas/Oil Mix: 25:1

Equipment: Leg shields, tool box, tools, air pump, front fork lock
Suggested Retail Price When New: $245 (est)

As I mentioned in the moped intro, my current moped collection started with the purchase of the beautiful 1961 Wards Riverside moped (above) for my wife as a anniversary gift. At Cosmopolitan Motors in PA I was able to locate the last original NOS parts for "Monty" to replace ones that were missing or broken. Today it is in amazing condition and runs beautifully, if a bit slow and heavy compared to many more modern mopeds. Brakes are weak by later standards and experience fade on hard stops, however, the overall ride is pleasant and comfortable. It is simple to work on and very straight forward mechanically.


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