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Cary Jet (by Garelli)

There is remarkably little information available on the Cary Jet. We know from what's on the motor that it was "Made in Italy by Garelli" and 4hp. From the October 1960 Boating magazine learn it was sold in the USA by Cary Enterprises of Huntington Station New York, with a retail of $199.95. It appears off and on in a couple of boating magazines throughout the 1960s with the final listing found in the January 1968 in Boating. By then the cost was only $150.00 retail, leading us to believe that the motors may have been produced early on in the 60s and sold off throughout the decade.

We can infer that the powerhead was originally designed for a Garelli moped or small motorcycle, it's loop charged, piston ported and 88.5cc. That's all the information we've been able to uncover, should you have any additional details on them I'd be very interested in hearing from you!

This example belonged to a friend of mine in the AOMCI. Years ago he brought it to one of our meets and I really liked how it looked and performed. When he decided to down-size his collection we made a deal and here it is!

1960-8 Cary Jet (by Garelli)

Year & Model: 1960-68
Horsepower: 4

Bore: 1.89"
Stroke: 1.89"
CC: 88.5
Ignition: CEV
Point Gap:.014-.018
Cooling: Air
Condition: Unrestored
Retail price when new: Unknown
Weight: 35lbs (actual)
Oil/Gas Mix: 1/2pt air-cooled TC oil per gallon of gas
Spark Plug: Champion L-86C

Ran the Cary Jet in the test tank, it took a while to warm up but once it did she ran like a champ. It is pleasantly smooth and quiet. There is a tell-tail jet that acts as an exhaust baffle at anything over idle, it must reach a good 6' behind the motor!

Can't wait to get this guy out on the boat, look for additional information once we do.

Here's a short video I did of the Cary Jet in the test tank:

This video shows the Cary Jet running on the boat:


Some time ago I saved this image from an eBay auction of a brochure. Wish I had bid on it at the time, but who knew one of these outboard motors would turn up!

Here are a few additional photos:

Port side view showing holes for choke and fuel shutoff Front control panel and tiller. The motor supplies 6 volts and 20 watts for running accessories like a bow light or recharging your electric razor, etc... (That's my spark tester hanging down next to the transom clamp, not part of the motor!)
Close-up of holes for choke and fuel shutoff Gas tank, cap and vent up on top
Close-up of the powerhead showing external coil, intake silencer and carb
Not much on the starboard side save the exhaust Close-up of the CEV magneto - coils under the flywheel produce power for the ignition and a second for 6v and 20 watts for a bow light, etc... It's almost identical to the Bosch mag used in the Mac 10, Volvo Penta and Zundapp outboards we have.
Two shots of the jet drive. In the photo on the left you can see a shiny fastener just below where it mates with the leg. There is one on the other side too, it's a drain & fill hole for lubricant - apparently like a traditional outboard you need to check and change the gear oil periodically.
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