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Pluvier Boatmaster

Here is a weird & wacky number that came home with me from a flea-market for a whopping $20. The best information is that this outboard was adapted by the Dutch firm Berini/Pluvier from excess inventory of their Cyclemaster - a bolt on motor for bicycles made after WWII. (The Johnson Brothers got their start with the same type of product just after WWI).

The small forced air cooled powerhead is mounted to a very simple torque tube and galvanized transom clamp assembly. It sports the tiniest Villers carburetor I have ever seen - the magneto is a standard Bosch rig that is very similar to those on the Mac-10 outboard and Puch mopeds. At less than one horsepower its performance is nothing to write home about. It is hard to see the propeller in the photo but it is gigantic for this little motor! Apparently only a few hundred (800) of these motors were made from 1952-4.

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1952-54 Pluvier Boatmaster P-45 0.7 hp.

Year & Model: Pluvier Boatmaster P-45
Horsepower: 0.7 (yes, that is 7/10 of a hp!)
Bore: 34mm
Stroke: 34mm
Ignition: Bosch
Point Gap:.020
Cooling: Forced air-cooled

Condition: Unrestored
Retail price when new: 34 £ (about $95)
Weight: 33 lbs.
Oil/Gas Mix: 1/4pt TCW-3
Spark Plug: KLG F50


Starboard side
Port side
Port tank decal
Front tank decal
Decal measurement in centimeters
Starboard tank decal
Amal carburetor (missing intake cover)
Lower unit
Pluvier logo

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