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Wizard motors were offered to the public though Western Auto Stores (A National Institution) and were manufactured by the Kiekhaefer corporation (AKA Mercury). Early Wizard motors were simply pained different colors from their Mercury brothers but by the 50's they were slightly de-tuned to limit competition. Overall they represented an excellent value for the dollar!

1947 Wizard (Sold by Western Auto Stores) 6 hp. manufactured by Mercury

Year & Model:
1946 Wizard WD-4
Horsepower: 6 @ 4,000 rpm
2-Alternate Firing

Bore: 2"
Stroke: 1.75"
Ignition: Eiseman Magneto
Point Gap: .020
Cooling: Water by rubber impeller

Condition: Unrestored
Retail price when new: $159.50
Weight: 49 lbs.
Oil/Gas Mix: 3/4pt TCW-3
Spark Plug: Champion J-8J (Now J-8C but J-6C have been found to be a better heat range with today's fuel)

Another dump find! Still needs some tinkering since it will not idle well.


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