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1970-72 Type 304 - 5hp

Guten tag!

From a friend in the AOMCI I was able to pick up this fine little German outboard, a Zundapp Type 304 5hp from the 1970s. Zundapp made scooters and motorcycles and were known for quality engineering. This motor is probably one of the most powerful and nicest singles I've ever experienced, it's also light and compact. The engineering is a little different, but then you would expect nothing less from the Boche!

1970-72 Zundapp Type 304-01 5hp


You Tube Video of the Zundapp Type 304

Year & Model: 1970-1972 Type 304-01 L5 "Normalschaft"
Horsepower: 5

Bore: 50mm
Stroke: 41.8mm
Displacement: 82cc

Ignition: Bosch Magneto - with 12v 20 watt output for running lights
Point Gap: .014 to .018
Cooling: Water by rubber impeller

Condition: Unrestored
Retail price when new: (Unknown)
Weight: 18.5kg without fuel tank
Oil/Gas Mix: 25:1
Spark Plug: Original was a Beru 175/14 (Modern plug Champion L82C)


I was really shocked at how nice this little motor runs and how powerful it is. I'd peg it at an honest 5hp, possibly a tad more. It's also amazingly smooth and relatively quiet - especially since it is a single cylinder motor.

This could be the nicest single I've ever run!

Here's a short video inroduction to the Zundapp Type 304:

Model ID from a German website devoted to Zundapp products
Zundapp front view
Zundapp - port-side view
Under the hood - starboard
Under the hood - port
Carburetor detail - port side
This motor rocks - Harry and I out for a spin, we left Gary behind with his Johnson CD-10 like he was anchored!! (Photo courtesy of R. Schaber)

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