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Champion outboards were fine little machines; honest engineering and quality materials made for a good product. Unfortunately Champion was at a disadvantage since they were a small company and their volume was never large enough so they could compete with other major brands on price. They were also challenged to keep up with OMC and Mercury and offer a range of motors in each horsepower class. By 1958 they stopped production of outboard motors but today they have a strong following among enthusiasts.

I don't think there is anyone who has a business geared to parts for regular service Champions - the webvertize section at www.aomci.org is probably your best shot if you need something. Tune up items like coils, points and carb parts are shared with numerous other outboard brands so they are readily available. The ignition, like many 50's Merc's, is from Bendix although I have seen a few equipped with Repco - regardless, a classic Mercury parts resource should have most parts for the magneto. The carbs on all the Champ's I have seen were from Tillotson so parts can be obtained from the folks selling parts for Martin, Scott-Atwater and others. (While the bowl gasket may be different, the needle, seat and other gaskets should all be the same)


1951-2 Champion Hydrodrive 4L-HD 8.5hp

Year & Model: 1951-2 Champion 4L-HD
Horsepower: 8.5 @ 4,200 rpm

Bore: 2.125
Stroke: 1.75"
Ignition: Bendix - Scintilla
Point Gap:.018
Cooling: Water by impeller
Condition: Unrestored
Retail price when new: $245.00
Weight: 52 lbs.
Oil/Gas Mix: 3/4pt TCW-3
Spark Plug: Champion #7

The Champion Hydro-drive used a hydrostatic coupling in the lower unit to allow prop speeds to be as low as a reported 1 rpm!

I have found the hydro-drive to work very well. The only downside is that the lower unit seals are very poor making it hard to keep fluid in and water out. Another interesting rig on this motor is the waterpump on the leading edge of the lower unit.

Hydro-Drive lever

Here is a contemporary ad that explains how the Champion Hydro-Drive works.

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